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AAAAA Nordic AB is proud to represent a broad range of leading semiconductor manufacturers, here presented in alphabetical order.

Alliance Memory is a flexible supplier of SRAMs and DRAMs giving their products a much longer life cycle then what is common in the world of memories.

Aimtec offers a very broad range of innovative AC/DC and DC/DC converters at very competitiv prices. There is seldom a reason anymore to build a discrete solution.

ESMT is an innovative manufacturer of, both NAND and NOR, Flash memories offering fast deliveries at very competitive prices.

IC-Haus produces a lot of application specific ICs. Most of the products are focused on sensing, detection and meassuring. The products have that little extra, which you will not find from the normal big semiconductor houses. They can also offer you an ASIC solution.

Isocom is a supplier of a broad selection of optocouplers and can offer you a drop in replacement for most types on the market. Their lead times are very short.

MEAS/TE offers you the markets broadest range of sensors. Practically every sensor type can be found here and they deliver anything from wafer to component to working unit. Ask us and we will be happy to guide you.

Mipot is a European manufacturer of RF modules and solutions

PTC has a selection of ICs intended for 300-900 MHz ASK and FSK.

Sensolute produces very price competitive vibration sensors.

Taiwan Semiconductor manufactures all you can think of in diodes and bridges. They also produce transistors and ICs. Look here for your next standard semi part and you will  be surprised.