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Was founded 1997 by Mr. Bo Nilsson. Bo, who has got a long history in electronics,  has been employed and/or on the board in small private companies as well as in large multinational public companies. He has over the years started a number of companies.

The reason for starting yet a new component distributor was the fact that the Nordic market was more and more taken over by multinational companies based outside our territory. Their mindset and way to handle the customers showed very little or no understanding of the local business culture. 5A was to become the local alternative recognizing that even within the Nordic area there are many different areas and they all have different demands when it comes to business culture. Therefore 5A today has the largest number of local offices among the Swedish distributors. We are local, think local and act locally.

The main 5A market is Sweden, but for some manufacturers we act pan Nordic.

With a very skilled crew, most of us with electronic education and background, we can help you as customer to pick the optimal component for your design based on performance, availbility and price. We then offer you the logistic part as well, with consollidated shipments delivered to your doorstep on time and at the lowest cost. Our warehouse is located near Malmoe, in the very south of Sweden, and in the "5A building", which is owned by the company and was built in 2011.

We can also assist you with R&D and maufacturing help.

We have a very flat organization, which will be pleased to spoil you by giving you a correct and fast answer, much faster then you normally expect ......and we do not only look among the companies we represent!

Now, after more than 20 years on the market, many customers have found that being a 5A customer means that they are a large and important customer at 5A. This is, of course, much better then being a small customer with one of the large multinational companies.

We, since many years, hold the highest possible credit rating.

We will be honoured to offer you our knowledge, network and support.